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+386 (0) 7 30 73 081

+386 (0) 7 30 73 081

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Video Presentation SESA SYSTEMS - LEAN Enterprise

25. september 2019  |  

In October 1990, Jean-Paul Lerailler founded SESA SYSTEMS with for mission and objective: the organization of the quality in production. As the front runner, he created and developed innovative products which have revolutionized the work of the operators with the first QUALITY POINTS and IT protection stations.

Its innovative products are internationally recognized by 8 patents and 240 registered designs. The specificity of these products is linked to the intensive use of aluminum profiles with an original design.

Today, SESA SYSTEMS is the world leader in LEAN Manufacturing. Many large groups have shown their trust in the company for more than 30 years. In 2019, 2 new ranges are appearing: Industry 4.0 and Ergonomics, with adjustable electric workstations.Find us on http://www.sesa-systems.com and discover our 7 product ranges: E-Learning, Office furniture, Workshop furniture, Logistics, Indication - Marking - Safety, Industry 4.0 and Visual Management.

Contact per email: info@sesa-systems.com