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The fourth Industrial Revolution: The INDUSTRY 4.0

18. marec 2019  |  

LEAN Enterprise developed by SESA Systems

A new line of innovating products in order to incorporate the factory of the future. Liven up your production meetings with large interactive boards providing ultra-quick visualization of company data facilitate collective decision making and greater efficiency.

New way to organise production

SESA SYSTEMS’ mission since 1990 has been to organize quality in production by developing products featuring constant innovation which revolutionize the world of industrial working. Today, after much close-up work in the field, our company’s latest observations and analyses have led us to create a new, innovative line of products for incorporation into the FACTORY OF THE FUTURE: INDUSTRIE 4.0

INDUSTRY 4.0 is a key project of high-tech strategies and corresponds to the digital connected factory. The smart factory is characterized by continuous, instant communication between the various workstations and digital panels built into the production chain.


INDUSTRY 4.0 creates an important information flow which must be exchanged with the production staff as quickly as possible. Data gathered from the production chain can be used to display and communicate production monitoring indicators in real time. This in-shop communication is conveyed through digital displays linked to an internal or external network : E-LEANBOARD.

With a system organized around a permanent, instant communication network, production meetings with large interactive boards E.MEETING providing ultra-quick visualization of company data facilitate collective decision making and greater efficiency.

INDUSTRY 4.0 requires support for operators in this change through the use of fun computer-driven APPROACH training tools. Through digitally controlling

the session combined with the fun of discovering, APPROACH provides

employees with a quick way to acquire new skills in order to incorporate

the new LEAN methods into the global productive system.

The SESA SYSTEMS CONCEPT plays an important role in the INDUSTRY 4.0 process. Adapting workstations and the modifications there of are easily carried out for unlimited standardisation and customisation.

This vision of the FACTORY OF THE FUTURE backed by SESA SYSTEMS benefits from the experiences across all markets.

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