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E-learning starter kit | Starter-Kit VSM

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      • Rigid case ideal for your travels.
      • Quick and efficient construction of a pilot site in connection with the training followed.
      • The APPROACH range of starter kits are available in 8 themes.
      • Each case in a starter kit contains several SESA SYSTEMS products.
      • Starter kits are available in different languages.
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      Product Description
      This VSM* start-up kit is intended for constructing a VSM application effciently and accurately, giving a real-time view of the various flows (material and information) in a production run. This start-up kit contains all the accessories needed for highlighting added-value tasks and identifying various types of wastage in stocks, WIPE, and the like.
      Briefcase including:
      - 1 INSTRUCTION FOR USE to implement a PILOT Project
      - 1 Kit of 10 CARD UNIVERSAL transparent magnetic attaching
      - 1 Kit of 5 green arrows magnetic
      - 1 magnetic tapes black
      - 1 Magnetic tapes yellow
      - 1 magnetic label L 5 m × H 15 mm/H 0.59 × L 196.85 Inch
      - 1 Kit of 30 multicolored pins
      - 1 PRODOC A4/8.5 × 11 Inch magnetic black
      - 1 PRODOC WRITER A4/8.5 × 11 Inch magnetic black
      - 1 Magnetic brush
      - 1 Printing tool SESA'PRINT
      - 1 set of markers (black/blue/red/green)
      *Value Stream Mapping or VSM is an application combining all functions (with and without added value) required to transform a product from its initial state to its final stage on a production line, integrating all machines. The aim of this mapping function is to a obtain a clear and simple vision of processes.
      Technical specifications
      SKU 113
      Tags MUDA,Logistique,Planification,Gestion,Formation
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